Green Heart of Italy

There is so much to do in Umbria!

Umbria is a central region situated between Rome and Florence. This area is known as the “Green Heart of Italy”. The region includes medieval hill top towns, amazing local cuisine, rolling hills, historic castles, farm houses, Etruscan art, hand painted ceramics, vineyards and olive groves – a place to explore.

There is so much to do in Umbria! From historic tours, wine tastings, cooking classes, guided nature hiking, biking and walking in the area the choices are endless. Our personal relationships with local owners offer us an inside view to our guests. You’ll be treated special and love every minute.

Local Hill Top Towns

Umbria is made for day trips! Some of the most amazing destinations are less than an hour away from the villa and close to each other, so make for easy traveling. At your fingertips are Roman ruins, historic hill top towns, picturesque winding streets, great local shopping, vineyards, artisanal ceramics, medieval borgos, basilicas, cathedrals and so much more!

Each destination offers its own unique charm. We suggest itineraries (with or without guides) that includes everything from the most popular destinations to those relatively untouched by tourism to experience the true Italy and its historic traditions.

A well-paced sample itinerary in Umbria includes:

  • A half-day historical tour
  • Followed by an authentic local lunch in a spectacular setting
  • Then an afternoon of further exploration or shopping or returning to the villa for the afternoon at the pool

Our guides share their intimate knowledge and expertise in Umbria with our guests.

A few favorites

  • Todi: close to our heart, Todi is a picture perfect example of an Umbrian hill top town, 15 min drive from the villa
  • Assisi: the birthplace of St. Francis and so much more
  • Dunarobba: Fossil Forrest
  • Orvieto: the spectacular Etruscan cathedral and the medieval well
  • Spello: Villa of Mosaics, the Etruscan aqueduct walk, the cathedral and a wine tasting lunch at the local enoteca
  • Perugia: Umbria Jazz festival, National Gallery of Umbria, Food Tours
  • Narni: near the Nera River Valley, the breathtaking views from in this medieval town are surprisingly undiscovered by tourists and a walk by the deep blue river Nera
  • Bevagna, Gubbio, Spoleto, Montefalco and many more. In Umbria there is so much to experience and explore!

Activities & Tours

  • Bike and Vespa Tours
  • Hot Air Ballooning
  • Spa treatments at a local spa or massage at the villa
  • Day Trips to Historic Hilltop Towns
  • Tours of artiginal products: linens, ceramics, cheese, wine, etc.
  • Umbrian Cooking Classes in Todi and at villa
  • Trips to Thermal Spas
  • … and so much more!

Food and Wine

Umbria is being highlighted in the world food stage for its wine varieties and food specialties. Housed in some spectacular ancient Italian estates dotting the region. These delicious local specialties include regional pastas and sauce, locally cured meats and cheese, fresh local produce and truffles.

Truffles play an important part in many Umbrian dishes, including crostini, eggs, pasta and risotto served with grated black or white truffles. The truffle is so highly coveted in Umbria, that in the fall and winter there are numerous festivals and markets held to celebrate these precious nuggets.

Our personal relationships with winemakers open their doors for our guests for a special and intimate tour.

Food and Wine outings can include the following:

  • Wine estate tours
  • Private tastings
  • Wine-paired lunches and dinners
  • A friendly local driver in a car or a van who knows the area

Getting Outdoors in Umbria!

Some days you just want to be outside and visit nature, be active and see something new and different. This can include the never-ending vistas of sunflowers, wheat, and rolling green hills dotted with castled and medieval borgos. Biking, hiking, walking through the countryside to find wild asparagus, mushroom and truffles.

Our guided tours will safely lead you through the to experience:

  • Hiking
  • Guided or self-guided full or half-day routes with pick-up and return service are available
  • Bike and e-bike rentals and tours
  • Hot air ballooning
  • Horseback Riding
  • Thermal Spa Tours
  • White water rafting
  • Tennis and Golf

If we missed your favorite, we’ll figure it out…